The Natural Baby Eczema Cream

A cream made from natural honey and beeswax that soothes your itchy baby.

Handmade specifically for our daughter, who suffers from eczema. We've taken care to use only all natural ingredients. Our recipe contains just the needed ingredients that help to hydrate skin. Nothing more, nothing less to minimize the risk of further skin irritation.

We've seen amazing results with our daughter. We're confident that it'll work for you or your money back.

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The cream made from natural ingredients to help soothe baby eczema.


  • Valerie P

    This Goodness Bee cream has made it so Kaitlyn has not cracked at all. I only apply it when the skin starts to get red. One application cures it right away and it stays find for many days and sometimes more than a week. Oh how I love this cream! I don't have to apply it daily, and as soon as I see an issue, I apply it and the skin is healed within hours.

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  • Jessica B

    I have tried so many creams for my daughters eczema and nothing really worked. A friend recommended Goodness Bee and I figured it was worth a shot. So glad I ordered. Its keeping her eczema in check, I use it all over and her skin looks so much better. Seems to relieve some of the itching. The cream smells great, is thicker but doesn't leave the skin sticky or wet. Ingredients are clearly listed and who doesn't love the fact of the all natural ingredients. New batches are made and shipping is fairly quick from Canada. Highly recommend giving Goodness Bee a try!

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  • Corly K

    The honey cream by Goodness Bee is my son's favorite topical treatment for his eczema. We have managed his rash for all six years of his life and the honey cream is the only steroid-free cream we favor! My son's favorite attribute is that it does not sting at all upon application (unlike store bought lotions). I love supporting a small business, and we love a natural solution for his skin condition that we can use on all of his creases and even his face. I mention it to every mom dealing with eczema!

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  • Denie S

    We did receive our cream promptly. I like that ours was a FRESHLY MADE batch. The package arrived without damage. The ingredients are clearly listed and I didn't have to retake college chemistry to pronounce them. LOL. Justin, I must congratulate you. The cream greatly alleviated my daughter's discomfort! She has SEVERE ECZEMA/ ATOPIC DERMATITIS. Although her skin irritation is still visible, the inflammation is decreasing in some areas. The itching decreased so much, that she was able to peacefully fall asleep at night. I am very impressed. We discussed my daughter's allergy to coconut oil, but I was willing to try your product anyway. It appears that the amount of coconut oil included in the mixture, along with the other ingredients, allowed her to tolerate the cream. I am so glad I finally found something that I can apply as often as necessary and it is not harmful to my child. I definitely spread the word on my social media pages. I will also recommend your product to anyone who else who has skin irritations. You and your team are to be commended.

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  • Shira R

    Really amazing cream. It's thick and a little sticky, smells like honey, and gets the job done! Highly recommend. It works really well on my two sons (8 and 4).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your shipping policies?
Free shipping to Canada and the US is included with your purchase. If you're looking to ship to a different country, please email us for a custom order.
Shipping times have averaged 7 business days. You will receive an email from us when your order has shipped to provide you with the latest information about your order.
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What is your 100% money back guarantee?
We know that dealing with eczema and dry skin is hard. We want to take the risk out of it for you by offering a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you find that GoodnessBee doesn't moisturize and soothe your baby's skin in 7 days, send the Baby Eczema Cream back to us, and we will refund your money, no questions asked. Just pay for the shipping costs.
If you'd like to return the product, please email to start the process.
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Is the Baby Eczema Cream really natural?
Absolutely. We wanted to make a cream that we knew was safe for our daughter's skin. By minimizing the recipe to the core ingredients, and by only using high quality natural honey products, our daughter's skin cleared up with no reddness, and no side effects. We use it on our daughter daily.
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How do you ensure a safe shopping experience?
We store no personal credit card information in our systems. Instead, we use a trusted third-party payments processor (Stripe) to handle all aspects of dealing with payment details. They are used by thousands of companies around the world, and are fully PCI compliant.
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