Baby Eczema - A Natural Cream to Help our Daughter

When my daughter was 6 months old, she started developing eczema on her arms. Our pediatrician said a lot of babies get it, and she would likely grow out of it. But soon, it spread to her legs, back and neck. She would constantly scratch until she bled, and then pick at the scabs making it worse.

It was heartbreaking seeing my daughter go through this with no way to communicate with her, and no experience in how to deal with this. We scoured the internet for remedies, and tried everything and anything that we thought might provide some relief. Here's a small list of things that we tried:

  • topical creams like Aquafor, Vaseline, aloe vera, Egyptian magic (which is extremely expensive) and even corn starch
  • changing her diet to more easily digestible food
  • different baths (oatmeal, asian herbs etc.)
  • drinks like barley water
  • cutting her nails super short, wearing long sleeved clothing

Baby Eczema - Before Natural Cream

Nothing worked. We were very close to using the topical steroid prescribed by our doctor, even with the potential side effects because we couldn't bear to see our daughter continue to suffer.

But then I heard about organic honey as a super food. I had read how others had used honey to treat a bunch of skin problems, and I knew I had to try it. We tried a bunch of combinations of ingredients to find the ideal mix, but for our daughter, it cleared up her red skin within a couple days. She dealt with eczema for a year, and we had finally found something to stop her scratching.

The Eczema Cream

The cream we made for our daughter has 3 main advantages over a bunch of the alternatives on the market:

  • Simplicity: Less is more. We didn't want a cream with a bunch of additives or extra ingredients. We wanted to limit the things our daughter was exposed to, especially when it came to her irritated skin. You never know when something will cause new rashes to appear.
  • Thicker than Other Creams: We found with a lot of creams, they absorbed and dried quickly and had to be re-applied frequently. This one is thicker and acts as a protective barrier for her skin. This also helps so that it doesn't rub off on clothes when she's constantly moving.
  • All Natural ingredients: As parents, you want to be sure about what you give to your children. The primary ingredients are Raw Natural Honey, Beeswax, Natural Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. That's it. By only using natural and un-processed ingredients, you can be confident that the cream safe for your baby. You can read all about their benefits here.

I know the hopeless feeling that comes with seeing your child struggle, scratch and scream. And I hope that our cream can prevent another parent from going through what I went through. If your child has eczema or dry skin, I hope you'll give this a try.